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Ukraine en guerre Europe en paix

Here we are. War is on.

Russia decided to attack.

We know how they are strong, we know their power since years.

What have they in front?

USA said they will not send troops.


Where are european troops now?

Do you know? I don'tknow.


I will not write against NATO.

I served in Balkans with the NATO flag on my right shoulder. I have not forgotten.

I will never forget.

French troops, and also Belgian or Polish as well as German or Greek.

I know the flags, I remember the armies, I remember men and women.

Some NATO officers and NCOs are still in my best friends today.

Of course, - if you are not stupid -, you must know and understand the russian position.

Why they are they doing this.

No soldier, no officer, and - I hope - no military commander "loves" war.

War is an horrible thing.

And who did it, who takes the risk to loose his life for his country, knows it better than any politician or journalist.

War is not a "topic". War kills. War destroys bodies and souls.

When you engage, you know the risks. You have to know. If you go on, you face the risk.

You do it first for your coutry, to protect it, to protect your family.

When you are in a combat unit, you do it for the unit, the group, the team... your comrades.

And you obey to the orders trying to stay alive and keep your unit, your group, your team...

Without KIA or WIA, if possible. "No friends in plastic bags".

But first, you obey to the orders, you face the enemy, you engage when the order comes.

War is doing this, and more, and more, up to the end of your deployment.

Russians do the same. Exactly the same.

They just do it without speaking English and with poor cigarettes to smoke.

I am not sure speaking English is better than Russian.

I speak French and I don't smoke in action.

At strategic level, Russian president is not crazy.

Stop listening fake news.

He does what he thinks be better for Russia, and that's all, folks.

We have opposite strategic interests. Nothing more, nothing less.

Since years, since 90' they look at us.

Today, they imagine they are better.

They imagine. I don't write "they are".

No. Not at all.

But they understand we play against Russia, since years, and they want to stop this.

They imagine our leaders as bankers, singers... and cowards.

They imagine we react only for money and comfort.

Is it totally false?

We speak about "targeted economic retaliations"... They just don't care.

If they seize half of Europe in their hands, who will care about "economic retaliations"?

They don't think we will use nuclear weapons.

They think our funny politicians don't have courage to push the red button on.

They think the only significant armies in Europe will never come to fight them.


USA said they will not come. GB will follow USA, as usual.

Today, France, Germany, and maybe Italy, Spain, Poland of course, could be soon on the FLOT.

Will they have the order to support Ukraine and fight with a rapid reaction joint force?

This question is the only one that counts.

Economy, "sanctions"... it's just bullshit for a russian commander.

Will us stand to stop them?

I am not so sure. I hope, but I am not so sure.

We will probably do like 1967 with "occupied territories" and Israel.

1974, with Turkish invasion of Cyprus island.

2008, "independance" of Kosovo Serbian territory.

And maybe, they could say us:

"You had no significant reaction against Israel, Turkey, or "Albanians"; why will you have one against us? We do the same old thing, since the world exists:

We are the strongers, we are the winners. The winner takes it all.

You did it.

We do it now."

If we are ready to combat, we can stop them. They don't plan a war against all Europe.

If they don't see any real gun with a f..... real gunner beside... they will consider situation as a total victory for Russia.

Please note this:

I don't approve the russian military action against Ukraine.

But if we remain, us, occidental democraties, without a gun in our hands ready to really counterattack... our discussions about economy, or diplomacy, are just a joke for them.

Ukraine’s glory hasn’t perished, nor freedom, nor will.

Take care, and think about this, my friends.

This is just my personal point of view.

With my best regards,



Note: Just to let you know...

Years ago, my time came to serve the French Army, as paratrooper, as Marines' officer, in France and overseas.

I did my part of this job. I have been volunteer for fighting unit; and not only once.

I speak only of what I did and what I know. Respecting my reserve obligation.

And please excuse my poor NATO english. Maybe I'm better shooting than writing...

But I wanted to write it in english.

Débrouillez-vous pour la traduction en Français, maintenant.

Bonne journée, bonne semaine.



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